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Today the DOGUE brand can be found in retailers across Australia and Internationally and all DOGUE's products continue to be designed by DOGUE's Founder Simone Kingston.


DOGUE's ranges are recognised by our distinctive brand and playful prints.  Our patterns and designs are fun and work with what's in-fashion, both on the street and in the home.   We are energetic and passionate about what we do and confident that our products work, fit and wear well.


From our extensive experience in retail we have a strong understanding of the pet accessory market and the needs of consumers and retailers. We get that customers want quality products that are fresh to the market with strong designs and individual style. We know that price points are important as it allows the retailer to maximise sales, and more importantly profits and we understand that service is key, as this enables retailers to run their businesses better.


Our manufacturing is done both in Australia and Internationally and our factories are ethical and trustworthy. We offer unique brand identification, product development, supply chain infrastructure and seamless production. 

DOGUE encourages people to have fun with their pets. We want dogs to be dogs.....but to be dogs in-vogue!



Sim and Sly