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DOGUE Poop Bags


Purchase individually or buy a quantity of 50 (1 box) and receive a 20% discount. 

This 4-pack of compostable bags, each roll containing 60 bags, is designed to make cleaning up after your furry friend both convenient and environmentally friendly.

Crafted from corn starch, these bags are fully compostable, ensuring a guilt-free disposal method that minimizes environmental impact. They're free from plastic, contributing to reducing plastic waste while providing a sturdy and reliable option for handling pet waste.

Unscented and reliable, these bags offer a discreet and odour-free way to handle your pet's waste, making walks and clean-up routines more pleasant without artificial fragrances.

Each bag is engineered for durability and strength, ensuring they can handle the job with ease. Their sturdy construction means you can confidently collect and dispose of waste without worrying about tears or leaks.

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DOGUE is a company with a passion for dogs and a love of fashion.
We encourage people to have fun with their pets by expressing their individual style.
We want dogs to be dogs...but dogs with style!

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